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In HOW TO LET GO OF THE WORLD, filmmaker Josh Fox travels to 12 countries on 6 continents to investigate climate change and uncover the answer to a difficult and fundamental question: what is it that climate change can't destroy?




LA Times

"A riveting eye-opening feast."
The Globe

"Ups the ante on climate change...Tough to ignore."
Ken Jaworoski, The New York Times

"Infuriatingly moving...without a doubt one of the most engaging documentaries of the year."
Joshua Brunsting, CriterionCast

“This is a brave film that pulls no punches in exploring the impacts of climate change on human society. Combining a personal perspective with a global survey of community responses to the challenge, it is simultaneously a tragedy about climate change and a celebration of human potential. Like the director, you may find yourself both crying and dancing.”
Susan Clayton, Professor of Psychology and Environmental Studies, College of Wooster

"Excellent. Filmed from the perspectives of those most impacted, the poor and indigenous people around the world, HOW TO LET GO OF THE WORLD puts a human face on the consequences of climate change. Although the film highlights the daunting task of confronting the overexploitation of planetary resources and the increasing threats of climate change, it nevertheless maintains optimism by focusing on the human spirit and the courage of those willing to take action."
Dr. Paul Mohai, Professor of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan

"A wide-ranging and ultimately joyous documentary about environmental activism...Makes for an energetic and positive story about actions real people can take to engage in this important issue."
The Salt Lake City Tribune

"Potent...the movie takes heart in communities that have found small-scale solutions."

"This film will make you want to be the change...Unshakeable images!"
Pamela Powell, Daily Journal

"INSPIRING!…It motivated me to be a part of the growth of change."
The Daily Buzz

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A film by Academy Award Nominee Josh Fox